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Better Coffee 500g


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Rene is a coffee farmer. He lives in
El Salvador earning his livelihood from harvesting coffee cherries.

We directly import his coffee with the help of Tato. Tato and Rene are family.

A little bit outside Vienna, Nikolaus spent hours experimenting, trying to achieve the perfect roast. We think he came pretty close. What do you think?
Do good. Better.

2€ of every bag of coffee directly goes to improving the farm where our coffee is grown.

Region: NW-El Salvador, Santa Ana
Farm: San Francisco
Farmer: Rene Hernandez
Altitude: 1100 m
Longitude: 13°76N
Variety: Bourbon, Pacas
Process: Honey processed
Taste notes: Cacao, almond,
raisin, dark chocolate
Roasted by: Süssmund